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Pioneer Telephone

Through our partnership with Pioneer Telephone, Mister Wireless now offers a Hosted UC solution with unlimited calling that saves you money. Best of all, it’s supported by an outstanding customer service team that will answer your questions throughout the process.


Every customer’s implementation is a little different, so Pioneer assigns a dedicated expert to each account. You may not have an IT department or be tech-savvy—that’s okay! Pioneer’s implementation expert will set up your UC service based on your unique needs and will continue to be available to answer questions throughout the installation process.

Post-installation support

Pioneer understands that you’ll have questions once you start using your Hosted UC service. When you contact their customer service department, your call will be quickly answered by one of the customer support representatives in Pioneer’s Portland, Maine office. With Pioneer it’s also easy to make quick changes to your system using their Customer Access Portal. Through the CAP, you can change or set up all of your UC services and settings right in one place.

Making your office mobile

There are thousands of reasons why mobile offices are a good idea—natural disasters, sick kids, sales visits, canceled flights—you get the idea. Pioneer’s mobile application, nCommand, allows you to easily make and receive work calls no matter where you are, using your mobile phone or computer. Your office number will be displayed, just as if you were sitting at your desk.


While the Pioneer Hosted UC platform is powerful enough to support companies with thousands of employees, Pioneer is focused on meeting the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, from installation to industry-leading customer support.