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Features Included with a Business VoIP Plan

There are more productivity features that benefit companies with VoIP than what they will receive from traditional PSTN providers. Some popular features that support business needs include:

Virtual extensions
Simultaneous ring
Music on hold
Number portability
Hunt group
Group paging
Find me/Follow me
Do not disturb
Dial by name
Caller ID
Call waiting
Call notifications
Conference calling
Auto attendant

While these and tons more features are standard with all business VoIP plans, companies can expect to pay extra to receive the same features through a traditional phone plan. Companies should verify any added features from the provider they choose for their phone communication service.

Individual provider pages details the full list of features that companies can expect to receive from provider plans. Any add-on features that may apply, along with pricing, are also listed for companies to select if necessary.

Business VoIP Vs. Traditional Phone Service

Despite standard PSTN services being the norm, business VoIP is the way of the future. The technology has improved and evolved since it was first created and introduced to the mass market. Modern business VoIP service has eliminated the headaches of the past, resulting in better call quality, improved features, and an overall better service experience. With today's VoIP services, companies big and small can take advantage of numerous features and crisp call quality for a much lower monthly price. While the unique service isn't suited for every business, many companies are making the switch for the following benefits:

Lower monthly rates
Improved call quality
Higher productivity
Flexible enterprise features
Mobility for remote employees
Scalability for future growth

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Understanding Business VoIP Services

Business VoIP is a phone-centered system created to fulfill an organization's heavy messaging demands. Commercial VoIP services operate by tapping into your network to make and take calls and gives corporations of varying sizes the flexibility and capabilities to meet their demands.

VoIP services can be found for both personal and business use. What differentiates them is the fact that business VoIP focuses a lot on apps and dynamic features that organizations need to succeed, while personal plans just have basic features and ordinary in/outbound phone capabilities.

Business VoIP lets you make telephone calls over your fast-speed network connection as opposed to an ordinary telephone line. Selecting VoIP plan for your business is substantially more complex than just swapping out your regular phone line.  Commercial VoIP plans feature some type of PBX telephone system, in addition to enhanced productivity and phone management options.

Mister Wireless and Small Business

Our ongoing relationship with our small business customers is a priority at Mister Wireless. We understand that your needs are unique, and that’s why our customer service team is trained to meet the needs of all companies — whether or not they have a dedicated IT department.

When you sign up with Mister Wireless, it’s more than just a business transaction: it’s the start of an ongoing relationship, from service installation through responsive customer support, to the development of products designed with our small business customers in mind.

PBX calling systems and enhanced productivity functions are generally deemed to be add-on services by standard telephone companies, but they're already built into commercial VoIP plans. Additionally, the majority of business VoIP services offer you a degree of flexibility that ordinary mobile phone services just can't match. It's in your best interest to review these numerous business mobile phone providers and compare them to your existing service provider. You'll no doubt see a striking difference between the prices of the products they sell.

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