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Manage your assets with actionable intelligence.

From the factory floor to final delivery, our tracking technology provides a vital link across your supply chain, delivering insights that can create operational efficiencies and control costs. Wireless sensors continually monitor the location and condition of goods headed to market.

When you rely on asset tracking technology, you can monitor your cargo and control operating costs. Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking technology, combined with wireless connectivity, cloud services, machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies and security delivers a total asset management solution that helps drive efficient use of assets and productivity across your business.

We also help you employ easy-to-use cloud technology that allows drivers to check vehicles in and out online, reducing paperwork and the potential for errors. Analytics quickly turn data into actionable insights that improve asset utilization, and further fine-tune business operations – helping to drive costs down and profits up.

Solution benefits:

  • Control costs
  • Real-time knowledge of condition and location of cargo in transit
  • Analytics that help you run your business more efficiently

Gain greater operational control and streamline delivery processes based on actionable intelligence delivered through our asset tracking technology.


Mobile asset management with tracking technology

Businesses today need a competitive advantage. Keeping track of your assets is critical, and using data analytics enables better business decisions. Whether it’s inventory or equipment or employees, your high-value assets are on the move—and at risk. No matter what your industry, real-time monitoring of assets for loss prevention and performance allows you to take immediate action that can save you unnecessary expenses. How do you keep your valuable equipment secure or monitor your inventory while in transit? Asset tracking technology provides continuous, real-time awareness of costly equipment and cargo.

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