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Test OUR Business VoIP Phone Service with Loaner Phones

14 Day Free Trial

One of the primary reasons for adopting VoIP is costs savings. Businesses that switch to VoIP see average savings of 50 to 75 percent per month. With no maintenance or hardware costs, hosted VoIP eliminates the overhead fees that come with other phone systems.

The cost effectiveness of VoIP service also translates into the trial phase, when prospective customers can try a service with little to no financial commitment. At Mister Wireless, we provide a 14-day free trial for all our features and plans. Other providers have similar programs that are free or refundable for a certain number of days.

While some companies may be comfortable using free soft-phone and web-phone solutions to test a VoIP service, most businesses prefer to use a physical desk-phone.  But having to purchase a phone just to try a service is committing and time-consuming, especially if you don’t already have VoIP service.

Mister Wireless recognize this disparity, which is why we loan desk-phones out to prospective customers. A "loaner" phone offers the freedom to try out a hosted VoIP service without incurring costs.

VoIP Free Trial

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When testing phones, it's important to consider the people who will be using the phones the most. This includes receptionists and managers, call center or support agents, and other frequent phone users. You want the phones you're testing to withstand the highest call volume and most complex routing scenarios your company will encounter.

Here are a few basic features you may want to assess with your loaner phone(s):

Handset and speakerphone voice quality
3-way or 5-way calling and conferencing
Making blind and attended transfers
Basic calling features such as mute, hold, call forwarding, and redial
Setting up Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and assigning softkeys
Adding new lines and accounts
Listening to and accessing voicemail messages