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Who is Mister Wireless

Mister Wireless is your single source for VoIP Services, Unified Communications, Cellular and Wireless, Internet Connectivity, Structured Data Wiring and Network Service & Repair.

Mister Wireless was designed to bring back an old idea in the telecommunications industry, real customer service. At Mister Wireless, we are client advocates, not corporate account managers. We are compensated by the companies we represent, not our clients. Our vested interest in your satisfaction goes far beyond that of corporate employees.

Mister Wireless is based on three principles:

Over Deliver

We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to exceed expectations and create a new standard of excellence. We wear this trait proudly, and it is the key to changing everyone’s definition of AWESOME!

Get It Done Attitude

Every situation has different resources available, and in turn different challenges. We never say, “that’s not my job”, instead, we get it done. Our team embodies the spirit to make things happen and, in many cases, save the day.

Treat Everyone Like Family

While everyone has challenges and opinions, we have a truly unique compassion for people, and often go beyond the normal business/client relationship. This is the key to creating a culture where everyone wants to be.

Mister Wireless

Why Mister Wireless

Managing your Company’s Voice & Data Infrastructure is Not Easy

It takes time keeping up with the latest technology and finding the best prices — especially as you change, grow, or add locations — it’s time you simply don’t have.

Mister Wireless can help. We provide digital network and commercial data center consulting services to companies like yours. Our strategic relationships with many service providers give us insight into the latest technology trends and opportunities to ensure your company’s unique business requirements are satisfied.

We design and install office networks

Negotiating on your behalf

Miser Wireless negotiates on your behalf to save you time and money. Using our “Manual Reverse Auction” process and our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we will find you the best services, with the best terms, at the best prices.

We’re not a reseller — all contracts are signed directly between you and the service providers of your choice.

We’re here when you need us

We pride ourselves on offering a high degree of professionalism, personalization, and customer service.

Unlike service provider sales representatives, who often move from provider to provider, we represent our clients long term.

Making the right choices

Mister Wireless takes the time to thoroughly understand your business requirements and expectations. Business needs are always case-specific. We help you design your provider contracts to suit your present and future requirements. Our primary responsibility is to support, inform, and be an advocate for you.

Our services cost you nothing

Unlike service provider sales representatives, we do not receive a base salary, nor do we receive an upfront commission from the providers.

We are here for the long run and earn a small residual payment from the carriers for the life of your service.

We currently represent over 400 service provider solutions, so we are neutral and unbiased. Our loyalty is to our clients — to finding the best solutions to keep them competitive and in control.

Industry know-how and research

We maintain an industry wide, global view to counsel our clients on market and technology trends, price changes, unique solutions offered by niche providers, and insider “tricks of the trade.” Because we do the research, you can remain either visible or invisible to the service providers.

We have carrier-neutral relationships with every top-tier service provider, which allows us to source the best solution, at the best price, along with the best terms for our clients.

Experience the difference.  Work with an advocate.